Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Release Day! Five facts about "Bookended"

1. The story opens in a Chapters, which is a Canadian chain of bookstores that have Starbucks in-store. The downtown Vancouver location was a favourite haunt of mine as a university student: partially because they had an amazing selection of non-fiction books, but mostly because it was prime place to check out hot guys.

2. Ogden, the young man Fletcher and Julian pick up, is named after one of my third-year English professors. His appearance is based on Cole Mohr, a male model.

3. Two of my favourite poets are referenced in the story: Pablo Neruda and Allen Ginsberg. Ogden is reading a collection of Pablo Neruda's poetry when Julian and Fletcher first come upon him in the bookstore, and his tattoo comes from a line of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl".

4. All of the furniture in Julian's apartment comes from IKEA. That's because he spends all his money on nice suits. ;) A Hugo Boss suit, not including shirt, tie, cufflinks, belt, or shoes, would run him around $900. All together, his outfit could probably easily cost $1500!

5. The title "Bookended" refers to the story's setting, its narrative structure, and a sexual position!

"Bookended" is now on sale from Dreamspinner Press!
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Ad exec Fletcher Williams has the ideal personal assistant. Julian is hardworking, totally in tune with his boss’s needs, capable of enviable attention to detail... and completely willing to apply all those skills to their mutually gratifying sexual relationship. Fletcher doesn’t realize the extent to which he’s wrapped around Julian’s finger—until Julian invites Ogden, a bi-curious young artist they meet in a bookshop, to come home with them. After adding Ogden to their sex life, will Fletcher and Julian be able to return to business as usual?

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