Friday, 6 July 2012

Teasing "The Druid Stone"

We're one month out from the release of The Druid Stone! Our first ARCs are now finding their merry ways to reviewers. (If you're a reviewer who wants one, give me a holler! Otherwise, we'll be submitting formally later this month.) Yesterday the cover art was included in the Carina Facebook "Cover Thursday" feature.

You guys may not know this, but this was actually my and Violetta's first novel! Actually, other than a bit of dabbling in fanfic, it was our first time ever writing together, period. Violetta first approached me about the possibility of writing a novel together in early May 2011. I was unsure, but intrigued. She said M/M, I said urban fantasy, she said paranormal investigator, I said Irish modern druid, she said cursed Irish-American, I said mixed-race runaway with an estranged family, and slowly it all came together. We hitched April L'Orange along to help us with some beta-reading that turned into some amazing, thorough edits, and by August, we were submitting it! Less than a week after it landed in Carina's slushpile, I went into labour with my daughter, and just before Christmas, Angela James was on the phone telling us Carina was going to publish our book! In the meantime, we've written two more novels, three free shorts, three short novellas... yeah, it's been a long road to publication. ;)

So here's your The Druid Stone update: first of all, we're working on a book of short stories all centring around Cormac's druid-for-hire business, be that official cases he takes on, or just supernatural events he happens to get entangled in. Secondly, we're staring the novel-length sequel, which will feature a bit of Sean and Cormac, but mostly centre around a mystery secondary character as he navigates supernatural Dublin, which holds onto more of its Viking roots that just the name.

In the meantime, have a treat of a teaser! Since we write in Google Docs, and since big files make it go wonky and slow, when we initially wrote The Druid Stone we wrote with one file per chapter. And to help us navigate that big list of files, we named each with a standout line from the chapter to help us remember which was which.

Here's our list!

Prologue and Chapter 1: All together now, boys!
Chapter 2: Good riddance!
Chapter 3: Take a walk on the wild side
Chapter 4: Where the hell did you get it
Chapter 5: You can't buy Ecstasy in Muff
Chapter 6: It's a family thing...
Chapter 7: Burn him!
Chapter 8: Tell me to stop.
Chapter 9: Fuck Notre Dame
Chapter 10: There will be many lights in the darkness
Chapter 11: You were doing everything right for me
Chapter 12: Kilkenny's always winning
Chapter 13: Walk backwards. Very slowly.
Chapter 14: There is nothing you can say to justify this
Chapter 15: You still guard the old ways
Chapter 16: A woman did this to you!
Chapter 17: So I'm your ferryman, am I?
Chapter 18: Tell me about Michael
Chapter 19: I loved him too much
Chapter 20: We're running out of time
Chapter 21: Run for your lives.
Chapter 22: History!
Chapter 23: If you're waiting for me to give you permission...
Chapter 24: I'm not done with you yet
Chapter 25: Nothing out of the ordinary for us
Epilogue: Marjoram, for sure.
Got any predictions? Any chapters you're particularly looking forward to? Any guesses where the sex scenes are? ;)

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  1. You two teasers seem to be busy busy. I like that. I don't ever want Druid Stone to end (and yeah, as I already whispered to you... it would make a great video game). Keep it up! (how about that for a future chapter marker?)