Monday, 17 September 2012

More Awesome October News

If you read and enjoyed The Druid Stone and would like a bit more Sean and Cormac, Violetta and I are self-publishing our Sean/Cormac erotic short "Galway Bound" in October! It's a sexy little BDSM story about their first anniversary. I'll be back with pricing and updates on where it'll be for sale later on this month, but for now, how about you check out the blurb and the gorgeous cover art by LC Chase?

A year after they saved each other’s lives in The Druid Stone and eager to return a little bit of intensity to a sex-life that's been put on the backburner, Cormac and Sean book a weekend in Galway with no limits and no distractions. Cormac has a few ideas on how to spice things up and the bag full of kinky surprises he needs to make them happen: a spreader bar, a brand new toy or two, and even Sean’s own belt. But once the cuffs get buckled, just how far can he push Sean... and himself? 
“Galway Bound” is a BDSM short featuring Sean and Cormac from the urban fantasy M/M series Layers of the Otherworld, but the only magic here is what’s happening in their bed. Fans of the series and new readers alike will all find a little something to love in this erotic story.
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You may have also noticed that the series name Layers of the Otherworld got a mention! That's because Violetta and I are putting together a full series listing with all the connected works featuring Sean, Cormac, and other characters from the world of The Druid Stone, including plans to edit and rerelease (still for free) the tie-in stories Out of the Tombs and Ulterior Motives. There's also a full length novel sequel in the works! I can't say much about it yet other than it features Michael and takes place in Dublin. Stay tuned!

October also sees the start of my and Rachel Haimowitz's new serial, the psychosexual thriller The Flesh Cartel. Episode 1: Capture comes out October 1st. And just so happens to have a brand new excerpt posted on Riptide's site! Just click here and scroll past the book into to the tab that says "excerpt" for an extra-long taste of what's in store. Just remember to read the warnings!

As with all Riptide serials, you can buy each episode separately (a good idea if you want to try the first episode out and see if it's up your alley), or you can purchase by "season", which gets you both episodes for $4.99. Purchased this way, serials at Riptide are no more expensive than buying a traditional novel. It's only the format that's changed. 

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