Saturday, 16 March 2013

Get away to Ireland this St. Paddy's day

It's that time of year again! Saint Paddy's day. Here in Northern BC it's wicked cold and snowy, hardly parade and cold (green) beer weather, so I thought I'd leave a few helpful suggestions on how to warm up, Irish style.

First up, you'll want to get my father-in-law's Guinness and beef stew on a nice simmer.

Next, load up your e-reader with a few sexy Irish M/M erotic romances by yours truly!

Salting the Earth
Looking for something edgier, with sexy but deadly sidhe kings? Closeted young Irishman Ronan returns from a disastrous year abroad work program to discover his twin sister has been spending every night with the fairies of Knockma mound. Sidhe king Finnbheara agrees to return her . . . but at a terrible price.
Buy it from Storm Moon Press.
The Druid Stone
Epic urban fantasy more your flavour? Cursed Irish-Cuban-American Sean O'Hara travels to Ireland in order to seek out the help the last of the ancient druids. At first, Cormac Kelly thinks it's all a prank or a plastic paddy fantasy, but then Sean's presence in Ireland awakens the mad old sidhe lords, including those thought long dead . . .
Buy it from Carina Press.
Or how about having it read aloud to you in Ian Ruane's sexy Irish accent? Get the Audible version.
Galway Bound
Want an Irish hunk without the supernatural trappings? Sean O'Hara and Cormac Kelly are suffering from a slump in their relationship, but luckily a trip to Galway--with bags packed full of bondage toys--may be just what they need to rekindle the sexier side of their romance.
Buy it (for just 99 cents!) from ARe.
Out of the Tombs, Exceedingly Fierce
Looking for something free? Canadian photography student Maxwell Lewis travels to Scotland to take some photos of creepy old castles and get over his clingy ex, but nighttime on the moors is no place for a hapless tourist.
Download it from Smashwords.

That's it for me! How about you? Got any Irish-themed recommendations to go with my Guinness?

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