Monday, 5 August 2013

Riptide's Back and My Books are On Sale!

Riptide's new website is finally online! And what better way to return to business then to put a bunch of books up at a nice deep discount?

How about a bundle of rentboys for 60% off? Includes my and Violetta Vane's New Orleans paranormal short story Cruce de Caminos.

No? What about some BDS-"Mmmm"? You can get Giving an Inch for 60% off, along with some Kim Dare, Aleks Voinov, LAWitt, and Rachel Haimowitz.

I'm also this month's Featured Author, a cushy gig that includes a nice interview but also MORE SALES! Giving an Inch is a mere .99 cents, and the entire first season of The Flesh Cartel is a paltry $1.99!

In other news, why not check out my Coming Soon and WIP pages to find out what to expect from me in the future?

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