Monday, 9 December 2013

December Update!

So I discovered I haven't posted in a really long time. Fact: when it comes to social media I am a great tweeter, a middling tumblr-er, a somewhat lacking blogger, and a FUCKING TERRIBLE facebooker. Now you know.

So here's the haps:

Personal Life

I'm going to Irelanddddd! In less than a week! I'm staying with my in-laws for Christmas and we're going to be there right through until after the new year! This is awesome, but also massively stressful because I have a LOT of deadlines coming up and the thought of trying to manage them while also being on vacation is kinda nuts.


In December, I have two. The Professor's Rule #3: Inch by Inch comes out December 16th. And on December 23rd, my first M/F writing as Heloise Belleau comes out! It's called The Dom Project and it's a friends-to-lovers BDSM rom com.

Books on Netgalley

If you're a reviewer, you can find several of my books on Netgalley at present: a few of my current Riptide releases, a couple upcoming titles (including King of Dublin, my Irish M/M Post-Apocalyptic novel written with Lisa Henry), as well as The Dom Project.

Current Projects

I just finished the first draft of Bliss, which is a dystopian mind control story I wrote with Lisa Henry. I'm just finishing edits on King of Dublin and just starting edits on Straight Shooter (Rear Entrance Video #3, aka my hockey BDSM GFY). As for the writing end of things, I'm working on a novella called Cinderella Boy with Sam Schooler, all about a young man who has a terrible debt to his evil step father. I'm also midway through writing season 5 (the final season!!!) of Flesh Cartel with Rachel Haimowitz.

Upcoming Projects

I am about to start solo work on a contemporary small town romance I'm contracted to write for Riptide that I'm tentatively calling The Burnt Toast B&B, which I intend to have finished by mid February. And then in the new year, I'll hopefully be writing a femdom f/m/m with LA Witt/Lauren Gallagher. For reasons. (Pervy ones.) I've also got plenty of other ideas which should keep me busy right through the year!

Goals for 2014

I want to be finished The Flesh Cartel. I want to have published at least one more title as Heloise Belleau, be that M/F, F/M/M, or F/F. Most importantly, I want to land an agent, and potentially have a title accepted by a traditional big-six publisher. Possible? Likely? Who knows, but there ya go!


I submitted my genderqueer novel Wallflower into the Transgender Fiction category for the Lambda Literary Awards! I don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning, and I wasn't even going to enter, but somebody spontaneously pinged me on twitter to tell me there was a chance the Transgender categories weren't going to have enough interest to be split into Fiction and Non-Fiction, and that's just not right, so I put my name in to bump up the numbers.


Love in the Margins hosted an awesome Multicultural Romance Roundtable talking to POC authors of MC/IR romance their thoughts on the genre. It's a really fascinating topic being talked about by some really thoughtful commentators, and there are awesome comments on the post, as well! As a white author of IR/MC romance, it was a very enlightening read, but I bet there would be something there for everyone.

Some disappointing news from Jeannie Lin at The Jade Temptress & The Future of Jeannie Lin. I fully believe in Jeannie Lin's potential for success, and I think she'll do well for herself in e-publishing, but I can't help but feel sad hearing that she won't get another print run from HQN for her next title. I still remember the first time I saw her book Butterfly Swords on the shelf at my podunk local bookstore. I had never seen a romance novel with a POC on the cover before, and it was amazing for me to see that yes people were writing it, and somebody out there was willing to publish it. Amazing! Jeannie Lin, you're an inspiration, and I wish you nothing but success. I hope this setback turns out to just be a minor one!

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