Monday, 28 November 2011

Monday Music: The Saturnalia Effect OST

Things are really moving now when it comes to our short story, "The Saturnalia Effect", which comes out Dec 20th 2011 from Storm Moon Press. We finished edits this weekend (and added a few really fantastic lines thanks to some inspiration from our editors), and we just got our mock-up (sans cover) this morning! There is pretty much nothing quite so awesome as seeing your book starting to look like a book rather than a word document. Well, except for getting accepted, getting cool notes from editors, finishing your first draft, finishing your final draft, getting to see your cover... okay, you get the hint. Writing is totally awesome.

Today for music Monday I'd like to share my co-author Violetta Vane's thoughts on the whole process, from my very first suggestion of "OMG let's write a Christmas story!" (spoilers: she wasn't so hot on the idea at first), through to planning our plot and discovering our characters. What's the music part of this whole thing? Well, the post also includes a free streaming soundtrack for the story with songs fished out of Violetta Vane's headspace. I've also made my own soundtrack, which you'll see if you stop by next Monday. But for now, I encourage you to pop by Violetta Vane's blog to read her post and listen to some tunes:

For those of you sticking around, do you make soundtracks for your writing? Is it something you do as you work to help keep your writing on track (like me), or is it something done post-facto, like Violetta, to help you express other aspects of the story? Sound off in the comments, I don't bite! ;)

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