Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pop Quiz: Cruce de Caminos Giveaway

Read our short story “Cruce de Caminos”, out May 21st from Riptide Publishing? Wondering if Sean gets sober? Mad at us for not giving the poor guy his much-deserved HEA? Curious about what other mythologies we’ve got up our sleeve? Want more?

The Druid Stone is an epic-length urban fantasy with M/M romantic elements and a HEA (we promise!), and it comes out from Carina on August 6th, 2012.

Sean never asked to be an O'Hara, and he didn't ask to be cursed by one either.  
After inheriting a hexed druid stone from his great-grandfather, Sean starts reliving another man's torture and death... every single night. And only one person can help.  
Cormac Kelly runs a paranormal investigation business and doesn’t have time to deal with misinformed tourists like Sean.  But Sean has real magic in his pocket, and even though Cormac is a descendant of legendary druids, he soon finds himself out of his depth…and not because Sean's the first man he's felt anything for in a long time.  
The pair develop an unexpected and intensely sexual bond, but are threatened at every turn when Sean's case attracts the unwelcome attention of the mad sidhe lords of ancient Ireland. When Sean and Cormac are thrust backward in time to Ireland's violent history—and their own dark pasts—they must work together to escape the curse and save their fragile relationship.
If you’ve read “Cruce de Caminos”, you can win a free e-copy of The Druid Stone when it comes out in August! How? Just take the following quiz all about “Cruce de Caminos” and email us your answers. There’s no Cliffs Notes for this one, folks, but you may be able to find a few clues if you stop by the blogs we visit on our "Cruce de Caminos" blog tour.

Ready? Clean off your desks and get out your pencils. And remember, no cheating! Please don’t post your answers in the comments here, email us instead! 

Alright, flip over your tests and begin!

  1. At which New Orleans landmark does Sean have coffee with his girlfriend Cristina?
  2. Sean believes that Ángel is being “ridden.” In the context of the religion Santería, what does he mean?
  3. Sean is offered three “jobs” in one night. Which one does he turn down?
  4. What color is Ángel’s hoodie?
  5. Sean and Ángel’s john assumes an alias that’s based on a brand of whiskey, but Sean has a different association. What is the name he demands they call him?
  6. Which cartoon character does Cristina contrast herself to?
  7. Ángel warned him, but he didn’t listen. How much does Sean earn when he “gets into the wrong car”?
That's it, boys and girls, time’s up. Make sure your name and the date are at the top of your paper, and when you’re ready, email me at heidi.below.zero (at) gmail.com with your answers pasted into the body of the e-mail (no attachments please!). You have until July 1st to get those entries in.

Quizzes with 100% correct answers will be entered into the draw to win a copy of The Druid Stone. Two lucky winners will take it home!

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  1. LOL - to answer these, I'll have to read it again :D Oh, the hardship of rereading one of my favourite stories!