Thursday, 29 December 2011

WIP Wednesday: Gay Wrestling

(A day late, oops.) For those intrepid few who find my blog by searching "gay wrestling videos", this one is for you.

From Hawaiian Gothic / All We Ever Wanted, the novel we're readying to submit in the next couple of weeks:

“I’ll wrestle you for it,” he said, unthinking. “I get you to the mat, I fuck your sweet ass raw. You renounce your sumo ways and get me down, you can have me however you like.” The dirty talk made his face warm, but he didn’t let his embarrassment show in his expression.

“Mm,” Kalani replied, husky, and rolled to straddle Ori’s body and pin him to the floor. He was already hard, the underside of his big dick brushing Ori’s as he shifted positions. Ori groaned with unexpected desire, feeling the weight of Kalani’s body on top of him, Kalani’s hands bearing down on his shoulders. God, fuck wrestling. Kalani could have him right now. He lifted his hips in question. Kalani’s reply was to push down harder with a toothy, predatory grin. “Yeah, alright, I think it’s about time I took you down a peg.”

It was a shame that Kalani had accepted, really, because now that Ori’s blood was up, he wouldn’t —couldn’t—let Kalani win. His mind shifted into a cool, scientific mode even as his body heated and hummed with the desire to control. “Your feet are loose,” he said, giving Kalani that much.

“You better not let me win,” warned Kalani, as if he’d sensed Ori’s thoughts, and shifted in closer, tightening his legs. “I’m horny to fuck you fighting back, and I’m not settling for anything else.”

“No more teaching,” said Ori, and smiled, showing teeth. “This is the real thing.” He kicked his knee into Kalani’s tailbone, bumping Kalani up his body, shot his arm out to one side and made a strong bridge out of his body. A classic mount escape; Kalani should have known. The speed of Ori’s rising hips threw Kalani off balance, and in half a second Ori rolled him right under, neatly reversing their positions. “Too easy,” he said, countering Kalani’s straining arms with the superior leverage of his elbows. “But this’ll be good, too. You like taking my cock so much, I never—”
Oh yeah, that's nice! ;)

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