Wednesday, 4 January 2012

WIP Wednesday: Invitation or Orders

From a very sexy short we've been working on:
The lord of the mound emerged from a wash of gold.

Ronan blinked the watering out of his eyes and felt it fall as tears. Shameful, he’d chide himself, if he had any room left for shame -- which he didn’t. Not in this place, not with these... things. These capricious old gods. Shame or sanity, he couldn’t have both. He could present himself for sacrifice, let them strip away the most precious parts of him for the night, or he could fight them and be gleefully and forcefully dismantled forever. Ronan didn’t know much about the old stories, but he knew enough.

He knew that the sidhe could be placated, tricked, bargained with, worshipped -- and for his part, he was doing a little bit of each -- but they couldn’t couldn’t couldn’t be denied.

Shutting his eyes again, trying uselessly to black out the glimmering galaxy of visual excess that formed this domain, he let his mouth caress the inside of his lord’s ankle; he was too tiny and worthless to attempt higher without invitation or orders.

Invitation or orders. He wondered which method his lord would favor tonight.
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  1. This sounds really hot! I can't wait to read more, although I hope it is more happy than humiliating for poor Ronan. And I love that name, by the way... :>

  2. It's a fabulous name, isn't it? Violetta picked it!