Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What's goin' on

Man has it been a busy few weeks! My January has flown by so far.

For starters, we sold our short story/novelette "Cruce de Caminos" to Riptide Publishing, becoming Riptide second wave authors in the process. (See that button on the right hand side of this page? That's me, being super psyched about this development!) We don't have a release date or official back cover copy for it yet, but when we do, you know it'll be on this blog! Hopefully we'll have more info on its release soon. I just wanted to express how excited I am to be working with Riptide, and how proud of myself and Violetta for writing "Cruce de Caminos". It's a dark little misfit of a story, not really romance, but it's got a troubled rent boy main character, a delectable dub-con sex scene, and a paranormal twist that'll put a cold chill up your back. I can't think of a better place for it than Riptide.

We also have an urban fantasy novel in the middle of the contract process with another publisher, whom we obviously can't name at this point, but I can say we're really happy to be working with them, too. We've got absolutely zero info on this book at this point (we're even in the midst of coming up with a new title!), but I can say it's a huge, meaty story with an epic setting, an epic plot, and an epic romance. It's gonna be a doozy! Needless to say, coming up with a title for this monster hasn't been easy. We've listened to song lyrics, gone through the text itself with a fine-tooth comb looking for good images and lines, filled out a HUGE worksheet from our editor... Hopefully we can find something that'll suit!

In actual writing news, we're two thirds of the way through a very sexy short story and we've also got a finished novel out on submissions which we'll hopefully hear back on pretty soon!

How's your January going? Got any projects on the go or upcoming release dates? Writerly or readerly New Years resolutions?

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